Return and Refund Policy

Return and Refund Policy

We provide 100% refund on defective products and offer replacement or refund for the same.

We reserve the right to reject refunds which do not meet our return policy mentioned below

Our return policy is designed to help genuine replacement quickly and free of cost. We offer Limited returns for the product sold on our website, which means, we reserve the right to reject any return our management believes is not true in general business natural.

Below are the 5 reasons we may reject your returns and offer no 

1.Customer changing their prescription / optical details of the lens after placing the order (after order has been processed means lenses are fitted to spectacles frames)
2.The customer used the spectacle frame and lenses and requesting a return.
3.The customer used a product and after 2 months do not feel comfortable.
4.The customer did not order correct lenses - used them and then requesting returns.
5.Product broke during normal usage / even abnormally broken products are not accepted.

For every return, we may demand previous proof of purchase.